New Freezer Maintenance Tips

The freezer is usually one of the most used kitchen appliances by far. However many people find that their freezers fail eventually and they have no idea why. The reason most of the times is very simple: lack of proper care and maintenance of their new freezer.

The first thing everyone should do when getting their new freezer is to read carefully the instructions that come in the attached booklet with the kitchen appliance. This will allow keeping it in best condition, since let’s face it, a new freezer is by no means a cheap item to have and many people have to shell out a rather major part of their salaries to be able to afford one. So keeping good care of it is crucial Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles.

One of the most important tips I can give is simply keeping the freezer in a nice dry place. It should be placed away from any sources of heat such as heating vents and it should never be placed in direct sunlight. If you notice that the door doesn’t open well, check that the equipment is actually sitting on level ground and there is nothing under it that might tilt it in an uncomfortable position.

When it comes to regular usage, avoid leaving the door open for long periods of time. Basically the cold air from the freezer goes out very fast once the door is open, and in order to replenish that very cold air, the gadget needs to work effectively twice as hard in order to get down the temperature to the previous level.

Depending on your usage of it, you might be better off getting either an undercounter or a top down type. The top-down freezer is good if you find that you are opening the door way too often to take out the frozen foods.

And this brings me to the next point. Avoid at all costs overstocking it since it will effectively diminish its efficiency and it will not cool the foods as well as it used to. So if you ever find that the temperature is just not what it should be, check how many items your freezer is holding right now. Try to always keep it either half or three quarters full for optimum results.

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