Simple Steps For Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

Having refrigerators that function as they’re supposed to is an elemental aspect of running a restaurant. Finding out that your refrigerators have suddenly stopped working, or are working in overdrive, is something that is completely preventable – with the right tips. Purchasing high-end refrigerators from a used restaurant equipment store will give you a leg up on your finances; now, here’s how you can stay in the game by keeping your fridges running smoothly refrigerator repair pasadena.

Tip number one: Setting the cold control of your refrigerators doesn’t always make them colder. It seems counterintuitive, I know; however, refrigerators will begin to automatically defrost as soon as the compressor turns off – a sign that the box is cold enough to do so. If you’re currently setting your compressor to the lowest setting possible, it will continually try to reach a temperature that isn’t possible. When this occurs, the evaporator will fail to defrost, therefore freezing. As a result, your refrigerator box will warm up, damaging the compressor. To combat this, simply don’t set the compressor to the lowest setting. Instead, compromise by setting it to a medium-low setting. In doing so, you’ll preserve your used restaurant equipment, saving quite a bit of money in repairs and replacements. It’s better to be ahead of the game, instead of spending time and money trying to repair your unit. Be proactive!

If the evaporator does freeze up, don’t panic. There’s a simple way to fix this. Turn off the condensing unit with the cold control. In doing so, you’ll turn on the evaporator fan, which consequently quickly defrosts the evaporator. However, if the cold control of your used restaurant equipment fridges cannot turn off the evaporating unit, then simply unplug it. This will cause the ice to melt – which isn’t anything to panic about (some ice on the evaporator won’t damage the unit). It’s best to wait until your restaurant or store closes to unplug the unit, because this gives the evaporator a little bit more time. When you return the next morning, the evaporator should be defrosted, so go ahead and set the correct setting. In doing so, you’ve just saved yourself a few refrigerator repairs, and your fridges should be running smoothly from here on out.

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