Washing Machine Tips – How To Reduce Moldy Washer Odor

Washing machines require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t regularly clean or maintain these machines, molds can develop. This might lead to the emission of unwanted moldy odor.

I am sure you wouldn’t want your household to smell moldy. That being said, you should try the following tips:

1. Front load washers are quite prone to molds. That is because the machine cannot completely drain water. Moisture is trapped inside the washer drum. Molds tend to develop in moist and dark places.

If you are a front load washer owner, you have to go the extra mile in keeping your washer dry washer repair los angeles. Use a dry dish towel and wipe the interior of the machine. Make sure you completely dry up the washer drum. Don’t forget to dry the hoses and the rubber gasket of the machine. Wipe those areas thoroughly so you can minimize the appearance of molds.

You can leave the front load door open for an hour. Air will dry up the parts you can’t reach. You might want to open doors and windows in your laundry area to allow air to circulate inside.

2. Make sure the humidity in your laundry room is just right. Molds develop if the humidity is not good. Try using a dehumidifier to control the appearance of molds.

3. If you are using a top loader, keep the top load door open. You can leave it that way for a few hours. Top loaders are not as high-maintenance as their front load counterparts. Moreover, they are not as susceptible to molds formation as front loading machines.

4. Use vinegar to dissolve molds. Vinegar can loosen up molds in the pipes and the bearings of the machine. Run an empty water cycle and add a cup of vinegar. This can help remove unwanted washer odor. Let the machine run this cycle.

5. Remove your clothes from the machine pronto. A lot of people tend to forget their moist clothes in the washer. As a result, moist clothes turn smelly. You should immediately put your clothes in the dryer or hang them up to dry completely.

6. Run a quick rinsing cycle after using the machine and add a cup of lemon juice. This can deodorize your washer and keep the machine sparkly clean.

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